1. Hostel facilities are provided for students, provided their Behavioris up to the mark.
2. Students are responsible for up keeping their rooms.
3. Private use of servant and tipping of servant is not allowed.
4. Complaints regarding the servants on other matters should be given to the warden or hostel faculty advisor.
5. Fans light should be turned off before leaving the rooms. Particular care should be taken not to leave,bathrooms lights on unnecessarily.
6. Quiet hours of study will be observed everyday from 8 to 10 p.m.except on Saturday & Sunday.
7. Whenever the students are leaving the hostel on vacations or leave they should give a written information to the principal regarding the date & time of arrival & in the hostel departure from the hostel.
8. All the Hostlers must pay their mess charges on or before 5'" of every month.
9. Students will have to strictly adhere to the rules & regulations ofthe hostel.
10. The inmates are expected to be in the hostel by 6p.m.& attend for the roll call.
11. Only the visitors authorized by the parents at the time of admission will be permitted to meet the students on holidays.
12. The hostel inmates must obtain prior permission . from the principal/warden, if they want to go out of hostel on any purpose.
13. Consuming Alcohol, taking drugs smoking, chewing Gutkhas, Spiting on the wall & Corridors are strictly prohibited in the hostels.
14. Tape-recorders, radios & CD player are not allowed
15. The hostlers should not cause any disturbance to the neighboring people. If so caused, that particular student will be dismissed from the hostel.

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